Our Developments in Bolton

Why invest in property in Bolton?

  • Huge £1 billion regeneration project underway to improve city centre.
  • Strong local culture and consistent increases in property values over 5 years.
  • Popular among commuters to Manchester and workers within Lancashire.
  • High demand for quality rental properties.

Bolton is situated in the heart of Greater Manchester and has close links with the Northern Powerhouse. Close to the West Pennine Moors, it is 10 miles from Central Manchester. 

The Heaton Group currently manage a large buy-to-let portfolio in Bolton (almost 100 properties) and have many ongoing developments, increasing that number all the time. We have close links to Bolton due to the exceptional infrastructure and ongoing development into the town centre which is bringing a wealth of jobs and large boosts to the local economy.

Ongoing Developments (Completed - 8 units remaining!)

Stonecross Exterior Bolton

Stone Cross House

Bolton's 1 billion pound regeneration is driving huge growth in the surrounding area. From large employers through to SME's, the area is thriving. The Heaton Group have several completed properties already in our portfolio in the area. We're close to completing our development at Stone Cross House, a complex of 61 apartments ready for tenants in 2020. 

By investing heavily in Bolton we are looking to take advantage of the significant investment in the area and increases in popularity. Buy to lets in Bolton are currently exceptionally popular within investment circles.


As Manchester is a 20 minute journey away, Investors see this potential for commuters to reside in close proximity. This means there is demand not only within Bolton but also from those working in Manchester.

Currently undergoing a regeneration project, it is building on the strong cultural and industrial heritage that already exists among its 280,000 residents. Experts predict that this population will exceed 300,000 by 2025, while providing residents with modern amenities, fantastic lifestyle options and will be well connected for employers and those living there for commuting.

Property Prices

Bolton has seen an increase in average value over the last 12 months, increasing on average by £4.4k. The average property price in the area is £167k which is considerably lower than that of areas such as Manchester and Liverpool in the North West. With lower average property costs and improvements of over 3% year on year on property values, generally speaking Bolton is a fantastic place to consider investment. At the rate it's going, these prices will increase considerably over the next few years (25% so far over 5 years). If you buy-to-let in Bolton, it is a sound investment strategy.


Bolton has a strong cultural presence in the heart of Lancashire, playing home to one of the oldest and largest Football clubs in the area, Bolton Wanderers FC. The former Reebok & Macron Stadium is now named after a proud cultural landmark, the University of Bolton and features a prominent "gabled" design. The University of Bolton stadium replaced the old stadium "Burnden Park" in 1997. Currently operating in the English Championship, Bolton used to operate in the very highest league, the Premier League but have as late fallen upon some challenging times.

The site of the Bolton Wanderers stadium is also home to Middlebrook, the largest leisure and retail complex in Europe (80 Hectares) and is one of the most visited areas in Bolton, catering to every shoppers needs.

The Albert Halls have been undergoing significant regeneration and improvement over the last year, with a £6.5 million investment to transform it into a multi-purpose venue with a more modern feel to fit in with the redevelopment of the surrounding area.

The Octagon Theatre is also undergoing significant change with a £10 million investment to increase capacity and allow a wider array of visitors to the venue. Over 50 years old, the Octagon Theatre is a well known landmark in Bolton.

The historic Market Place in Bolton, a former Victorian market hall has recently had a £27 million investment to transform it into a retail and leisure destination within the town centre. As a major destination for shoppers in the North West, the continued investment in the area will only mean the town centre becomes more desirable.


Historically known as a centre for manufacturing jobs, Bolton has some large employers across multiple industries. Manufacturers such as Warburtons and Stateside Foods and MBDA Systems are known by many, but professional services now employ huge numbers within Bolton with brands such as Keoghs Solicitors, AXA, RBS and E.ON all having a major presence in the town. With a growing creative industry too, there are more people moving to the area all the time.

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